A cow walked into their yard...

Carmon and Wanda Carson
When a strange cow wandered onto Wanda and Carmon Carson's farm, they decided to sell the cow and donate the proceeds to ACH. "That's the best place we could think of to send the money," says Wanda. 

One morning, Carmon Carson found a strange cow in one of his fields.

Carmon and his wife, Wanda, live on a farm in Witter, Arkansas. After discovering the cow, Carson began searching for her rightful owner.

“My brother lives next door, so I thought she was his cow. He had never seen the cow before. Then I called my neighbor, thinking it was his cow. She wasn’t his, either. I called everyone I knew. I scoured the countryside to find the owner of this cow. No one was missing a cow.”

After a month and half of feeding the cow – and countless phone calls – it was time to make a decision.

“After about a month, my husband said he wasn't going to feed the cow anymore,” says Wanda Carson, Carmon’s wife. “He said, 'You know what? We'll sell the cow and donate the money to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.' “

“So we sold the cow – it was an old cow – and cashed the check, and sent it to Arkansas Children’s Hospital because it wasn't really our money."

Wanda continues, "That way, if someone comes forward in a year or two looking for their cow, we can tell them, 'Well, you made a great gift to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.' That's the best place we could think of to send the money."

Thank you, Wanda and Carmon Carson, for your creativity and generosity! Your gift to Arkansas Children’s Hospital will make a difference in the lives of patients. What would you do if a cow wandered into your yard?

What's your story? Maybe you had a family member treated here, or your children run a lemonade stand on your block to raise money for patients at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Tell us your story – we’d love to hear it!


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