Your gifts at work: Answers for Tiffany, at last

Aislinn on ACH South Wing Playground Aislinn and her mom finally have answers. Aislinn was diagnosed with de Grouchy Syndrome and is now able to receive the treatment she needs. 

“What is wrong with my child?”

For six agonizing years, this is a question Tiffany asked her daughter’s doctors many times. No one had an answer. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be?

Tiffany’s daughter Aislinn was not developing like her peers. Other kids her age were saying their ABCs. Aislinn could not.

Through the years, Aislinn had endured countless tests…results were always negative. But Tiffany knew in her heart that something wasn’t right.

Thanks to your support, Tiffany finally got an answer.

Finally, when Aislinn was 6 years old, she was scheduled for a procedure at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to lengthen her palate. On a hunch, her doctor decided to run additional blood tests.

What happened changed Aislinn’s and Tiffany’s lives forever.

The genetics team at ACH was able to pinpoint a chromosome abnormality in Aislinn’s blood work. De Grouchy Syndrome, or 18p-, is a rare genetic disorder. It can cause reduced muscle tone, vision and hearing impairment and heart defects. Unfortunately, not much is currently known about this devastating condition.

That’s where you come in.

Your support has helped researchers at ACH study genetic diseases like de Grouchy Syndrome. Because of you, someday a child like Aislinn could be born healthy.

As Aislinn grows and develops, Tiffany still has questions. Will her daughter be an independent adult? Will she be able to live on her own? Have a career?

But in spite of her uncertainty, Tiffany is grateful to you for supporting the important work happening at ACH. She says, “After so many years, a parent can become hopeless. I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis. We could begin working toward a better future for Aislinn.”

You have given Tiffany hope for her daughter.

When you give to ACH, your money helps scared moms like Tiffany experience the relief of finally having answers - answers that will give them hope.

Aislinn is now 13 years old. She is taking regular classes and maintaining good grades. And this girl loves to read!

Tiffany says, “If it weren’t for the doctors at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Aislinn may never have had a diagnosis.” Yes, the doctors at ACH diagnosed her condition. But your support made it possible.

Thanks for everything you do to create possibility for children like Aislinn. Together, we have accomplished so much, but there is still so much more to do. Until no child needs Arkansas Children’s hospital, we need you.

Your gift helps create possibility for children like Aislinn. Please make a gift to help support genetic research and the team that gave Tiffany and Aislinn answers.

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