Question: How many car seats are installed incorrectly?

  • A. 3/10
  • B. 4/10
  • C. 6/10
  • D. 9/10

Answer: D. 9/10

According to the Child Passenger Safety Education Program, over 90% of car seats checked by their technicians have at least one error. That’s a scary statistic.

Because of you, though, hundreds of moms have received training in home and road safety – before their child is even born. That’s hundreds of babies who have a safer start to life.

With Safety Baby Showers, you’re helping more babies get a safe start in life

Baby Safety Shower - baby in a car seat One way you help keep kids safe is through Safety Baby Showers. More than 900 new mothers have received training on the safest way to care for their babies.

When your new baby is on the way, you get ready. Maybe you get a new car seat or install child-proof locks.

But some mothers aren’t sure how to create a safe home for their babes. That’s how an innovative program called Safety Baby Showers helps save lives. 

Local health clinics and obstetricians help identify mothers who may need extra help creating a safe environment for their babies. These women are invited to attend a fun baby shower. At the shower, they enjoy cake, learn how to care for their baby…even receive presents.

These gifts aren’t onesies, though – they’re life-saving necessities for babies. 

The shower guests receive safety products like car seats, outlet covers and smoke detectors. The women learn how and why to use these items to keep their babies safe. They also dispel common myths and learn the truth about the safest parenting techniques.

Reaching the most vulnerable children in Arkansas…before they’re even born
Arkansas has one of the highest childhood injuries rates in the nation, so it’s important to start educating parents early. With your help, every parent in Arkansas can learn about the best ways to protect their children. 

The program, launched by the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center (IPC) in 2009, has had a big impact.

“So far in Arkansas, we have seen more than 900 women,” says Susan Cohen, Operations Manager for the Injury Prevention Center. “That’s 900 newborn babies who have a car seat for the ride home from the hospital. That’s 900 moms who do not have to worry about their babies sticking their fingers in electrical outlets. Our goal is for every shower guest to leave with a sense of confidence in caring for her new baby.”

When leaders at the Helena Health Foundation in Phillips County heard about the Safety Baby Showers, they were eager to participate. The Helena Health Foundation graciously donated $25,000 to get the project started. They continue to support the program to help young families in the community.

Other foundations have followed Helena Health Foundation’s lead. Now, hundreds of women have been served by the program.

Donations help educate mothers and keep children out of the hospital
Educating moms about safe parenting isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also a good investment. Every dollar spent on a car seat saves $42 by avoiding medical and other costs resulting from an accident. 

It only costs $100 to provide a family with everything they need to welcome their new baby home safely…and avoid countless trips to the hospital.  

We want to have Safety Baby Showers in every corner of Arkansas. With your help, more moms will know how to protect their babies and fewer children will get hurt. But expanding the program is not an option without donor support.

These Safety Baby Showers are only possible because of generous donors. Reaching these parents requires you. 

You can help! To support the work of the Injury Prevention Center, make a donation here and include “IPC” in the comment box.

Getting ready for a baby of your own? You can download a home safety checklist here.

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