Question: How many mechanics work on the Angel One helicopters?

  • A. 2 mechanics
  • B. 3 mechanics
  • C. 5 mechanics
  • D. 6 mechanics

Answer: D. 6 mechanics

The Angel One mechanics are responsible for keeping the two Angel One helicopters in the air.

Angel One ACH mechanic Stephen Brooks gives patient Bennett Hamby a look “under the hood” of an Angel One helicopter. Bennett took a life-saving trip on an Angel One helicopter when he was just two days old.

Their expertise is no secret - three of the six Angel One mechanics have been awarded National Mechanic of the Year Awards by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Their skill is especially important in a rural state like Arkansas, because transporting a sick child by road can take hours.

During life-threatening emergencies, every second counts, and Angel One has an entire team of people dedicated to reaching critically ill children quickly.

The staff of about 70 employees includes: 10 pilots, six mechanics, 10 dispatchers, 30 medical crew members and 10 EMTs.

The current Angel One helicopters have been flying for more than a decade, so it’s time to purchase two new helicopters. Even though the mechanics are dedicated experts, it’s getting harder to find the parts needed for helicopter maintenance.

Recently, a wiring harness broke in one of the helicopters and it took the manufacturer three weeks to replace it because “they just don’t keep it on the shelf,” says Transport Director Steve Haemmerle.

Your support helps provide two new helicopters – and helps keep Angel One in the skies. Make a gift to support the hard-working Angel One mechanics.

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