Question: In how many minutes can an Angel One helicopter - part of Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s transport system - be anywhere in Arkansas?

  • A. 55 minutes
  • B. 60 minutes
  • C. 75 minutes
  • D. 120 minutes

Answer: A. 55 minutes

An Angel One helicopter, the most recognizable symbol of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, can reach any location in Arkansas in less than an hour. In a rural state like Arkansas, access to specialized health care within a reasonable amount of time is scarce.

With shortages of pediatric specialists and trauma centers, Angel One plays a vital role by offering speed, access and safety.

“Timing is everything and with this transport program, we can provide what is wanted and needed – just in time,” says ACH Chief Operating Officer David Berry. “We’ve set our program up this way intentionally. That baby in Harrison, that infant in Fayetteville, that critically injured adolescent in Texarkana – we provide a flying ICU on the helipad of that local hospital so that critical care, that expert care, can begin and we can get them to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”

Each year, ACH conducts about 1,000 helicopter transports across the state and more than 170 out-of-state transports.

The helicopters can carry a crew of six plus two patients. ACH conducts five to six helicopter transports each day, and logs 800 to 900 hours per helicopter per year – for a total of more than 1.5 million miles per helicopter since they were put into service 10 years ago.

With a decade of use under their wings, ACH’s two helicopters have reached the optimum lifecycle for a helicopter.  This year, ACH has made it a priority to purchase two new helicopters. More than $25 million will be needed to cover the cost of the helicopters and outfit the interiors for medical transport.

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