Event Planning FAQs

Q: How do I plan an event to benefit ACH?

A: At least 45 days prior to your event:

  • Review our Event Policies & Guidelines.
  • Complete the Online Event Application or print the Event Application, complete and mail to: ACH Foundation, 1 Children's Way Slot 661, Little Rock, AR 72202.
  • Contact the Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation at 501-364-1476 or 800-880-7491, or email the Foundation. An ACHF representative will speak with you regarding your plans and will submit your application to the ACHF Events Committee for approval.
  • Please do not solicit support for your event prior to receiving ACHF approval.

 Q: Can an ACHF representative attend my event?

A: Attendance of ACHF staff will be based upon availability and pursuant to staff attendance policy. Each year, ACHF conducts or is the beneficiary of 2,300+ events. Unfortunately, staff cannot attend each event. However, we will work directly with you to determine attendance in advance of your event.

 Q: Can I use patient photos or stories to promote and/or raise awareness at my fundraiser?

A: Yes. Having a patient/patient family sharing personal experiences is one of the best ways to demonstrate the amazing care provided by ACH. There are likely people in your own community who are willing to share their story.Arkansas Children's Hospital has a program called ACH Ambassadors, consisting of former and current patients who represent ACH by sharing their personal hospital experience. Contact your ACHF representative to see if there is an ACH Ambassador in your area who could attend your event.

 Q: How should I handle event expenses?

A: Please discuss this process with your ACHF representative. In some cases, a separate bank account in the name of the fundraising activity may be established for the sole purpose of collecting donations and paying fundraising expenses.

 Q: Can I use Arkansas Children's Hospital's name and logo?

A: Once your fundraiser is approved, you will be able to use the ACH name and logo in your event materials and advertising. The Arkansas Children's Hospital logo is a registered trademark and may not be reproduced without prior approval or altered in any way. Your ACHF representative can send you the ACH logo(s) you need. Please do not pull logos from the ACH website. All materials that contain the ACH name or logo should be submitted to your ACHF representative for review before being printed or distributed.

 Q: When will I know if my proposed fundraiser is approved?

A: The ACHF Events Committee will review your completed application to be sure that your fundraiser aligns with ACH's mission. Most of our community fundraising activities are approved within 5 - 7 days of receiving a completed application.

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