About Circle of Friends

Our Purpose

Circle of Friends is a network of passionate, dedicated volunteers providing care, love and hope for the children and families served by Arkansas Children's. We make a difference by raising funds and donating our time, talents and treasure. We invite each community to join us in providing a brighter future for children and their families.

Our History

In 1983, a group of women gathered to create a support organization for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. A grassroots volunteer movement began, and a statewide network of Circle of Friends chapters was soon created. Over the past 36 years, Circle of Friends has grown to include more than 430 members. These members have raised more than $14 million for the children served by Arkansas Children’s. The strength and power of Circle of Friends comes from these volunteers, who give of themselves every year.

Our Impact

Circle of Friends wanted to impact families wherever the long arms of Arkansas Children's care reached. Soon it was evident that the need for a statewide network of friends existed. Today, the group consists of 12 chapters and over 700 members statewide. Circle of Friends is a group of volunteers who raise funds for the hope and promise of a better and brighter future for children throughout the region. Over the past twenty-eight years, Circle of Friends has raised well over $10 million for Arkansas Children's. The chapters have been instrumental in reaching out into Arkansas communities, stressing the importance of pediatric health issues to thousands. 

Through funds raised, Circle of Friends ensures the best and finest medical care to the children of our state, an invaluable gift for both today and tomorrow. Perhaps an even greater responsibility is the valuable outreach and education volunteers provide to their respective communities. A message of safety and prevention is sent by means of educational projects and outreach activities that target parents as well as children. Through this mission the group hopes to prevent a trip to Arkansas Children's Hospital, helping to keep our youth safe and healthy.

Our Projects

Through their generous support, Circle of Friends has funded numerous projects and programs in their years of service to kids. In 2008, Circle of Friends pledged $1.8 million to support a new clinic on the Arkansas Children’s Hospital campus. Named for Circle of Friends, the clinic features 38 exam rooms and 2 treatments suites, and at just under 18,000 square feet, the Circle of Friends Clinic boasts a cheery interior with homelike touches to make children feel more comfortable. 


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