Your gifts at work: Kali Hardig goes home

Evan at Arkansas Children's Hospital

Because of you, Kali defied the odds and became the third known survivor of the "brain-eating amoeba." 

Tears filled our eyes last week as we witnessed a miracle. 

Kali Hardig was discharged from Arkansas Children’s Hospital earlier this month after 55 days of battling for her life.

She's alive, in part, because of you.

Kali’s mom knew something wasn’t right when Kali developed a high fever after playing at a local water park. She brought her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

When she came to the emergency room on July 19th, her doctors went into overdrive to save her life.

Turns out, Kali didn’t have an ordinary fever. She had contracted a disease called primary amebic meningitis (PAM), perhaps better known as the "brain-eating amoeba." 

Throughout her hospital stay, people from all over the country posted pictures of “#3” on Kali’s Facebook page. That’s because there were only two known survivors of this condition…until Kali. 

Kali is now the third person in the world known to have survived this deadly infection.

Your donations help support the medical team that defied the odds and saved Kali's life. Kali can’t wait to play with her dog, Chloe, and get back to school to see her friends.

That’s a far cry from battling for her life in the intensive care unit. 

You have given an amazing gift to Kali – a lifetime of possibility. Your support makes miracles like this possible every day. Thank you

Visit the ACH Facebook page to leave a note for Kali and see pictures of the press conference celebrating her milestone. 

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