Your gifts at work: Ready for Jett after his nasty fall

Jett and family at Arkansas Children's Hospital Because of you, Jett got the care he needed when he broke his leg. Your donations help care for kids just like Jett who need emergency care.

Jett, the youngest of three siblings, had climbed the magnolia tree at his grandparents’ house before.

But he had never gotten this high. His older sisters had grown up climbing the tree, and it had become a family tradition. 

Under the watchful eye of his grandfather, Jett climbed and climbed. When he started to descend back down the tree, he felt his foot slip and he fell to the ground with a thud. 

“His grandfather estimates he fell around nine feet,” says Jett’s mother, Melissa. “He scooped Jett up and rushed him home, where Jett’s grandmother called an ambulance. We knew immediately we wanted him to go to Arkansas Children's Hospital.”

Jett, a Little Rock resident, was brought into ACH through the Log A Load for Kids of Arkansas Emergency Department, where staff members had been alerted to his impending arrival.

A room was ready when Jett arrived, and medical staff members began assessing his condition.

“As soon as we saw his leg, we knew it was broken,” says Jett’s father, David. “Throughout our time in the ER, he was being so strong. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t upset. We think he was mainly in shock.”

Jett agrees, saying, “My leg hurt so bad I couldn’t even cry. But I felt safer when I got to the hospital. They made me feel better."

Staff members put Jett’s leg in traction overnight. Because his break was so extensive, surgery was planned for the next day. It was a complete success.

Jett was released from the hospital in a wheelchair and a temporary cast. He’s completing physical therapy this summer and will soon be back to his old self.

"Our experience at ACH was amazing,” says Melissa. “We were blown away by the care he received. I’m so grateful to people who support the hospital, so it will be here for all parents – taking care of everything from broken bones to heart surgeries. We could see the relief on other parents’ faces, knowing their child was receiving the best care.”

Accidents like Jett’s happen every day in Arkansas – especially during the summer.

Your donations help keep the Emergency Department on the forefront of medical care. Please make a contribution today to help kids like Jett.  

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