Two cancer patients, one lasting gift 

Hailey and Dr Stine at ACH

Hailey presents a donation to Arkansas Children's Hospital from her friend William Pratt's estate. Through his will, William made a gift to childhood cancer research in honor of his brave friend, Hailey. 

When 5-year-old Hailey Sanders was diagnosed with cancer, she bonded with a family friend, William Pratt, who was also battling the disease.

Their unlikely friendship inspired a very special gift that will help more children defeat cancer.

Hailey’s grandmother Terri knew William – or Willie, as she called him – for more than 25 years. Terri and her husband frequently played cards with William. 

Young Hailey would crawl into her grandmother’s lap and watch the grownups play. Hailey frequently went with her grandmother to check on William and drive him to doctor’s appointments. 

“Hailey was so special to him,” Terri says of Hailey, who turns 11 in July. “She was so sick and had lost all of her hair. He wanted to find a cure for childhood cancer.” 

And so William – who never married – decided to leave a large portion of his estate to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for cancer research, in honor of his little friend Hailey. 

His gift to ACH totaled $128,873. “Hailey was too little to understand how much money was involved,” Terri says. “She now is really proud that Willie would leave all of that money to help kids like her.”

Hailey’s doctor, Kimo Stine, MD, applauded William’s gift to ACH. 

“Mr. Pratt was not directly involved in the care of this child, but he witnessed her strength and courage and felt compelled to help,” Dr. Stine says. 

Dr. Stine said William’s gift will be used to assist in cancer research. More than 90 percent of Arkansas children diagnosed with cancer are treated at ACH. Research is instrumental to finding new cancer treatments and eventually a cure.

William would be delighted to know his friend’s cancer is in remission. 

Terri says her friend was not a wealthy man. Instead, he kept “90 cents of every dollar he ever earned” and lived in a modest house near Spring Park in Heber Springs, she says. 

He’s proof that anyone can make a planned gift to ACH. It’s as simple as including ACH in your will. For details or more information, please contact Melissa Stiles at 501-364-5308 or

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