Thank you for making the holidays bright for patients 

Arkansas Childrens Hospital Festival of Stars
Thanks to your donation to Festival of Stars, grateful parents were able to shop for their hospitalized child at an on-campus holiday store.

No family plans to be at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for Christmas. Yet every year, families are waiting by a bedside…hoping for a miracle…dreaming of going home. 

Many of these families came to ACH in such a hurry they didn’t even have time to bring a change of clothes. Some can’t afford to buy presents for their children. 

That’s where you made a difference.

Many of you made a gift to Festival of Stars to brighten the holidays for these families.

Because of you, families in the hospital didn't have to leave campus to take care of their Christmas shopping. The toys and games collected at Festival of Stars stocked the shelves of an on-campus holiday store, where parents shopped for their hospitalized child.

One mother had already explained to her children that Santa couldn’t afford to bring them the one thing they each wanted for Christmas…a bicycle. But because of donors like you, Santa had a brand new bike for each of them. 

The monetary gifts collected will be used to assist families with basic needs while they’re in the hospital. Donations help provide things like laundry detergent, meals and even gas cards to families who need it most. 

You made a meaningful difference in the lives of so many families...but don't just take our word for it. Patients and their families were so appreciative of your kindness. Here are some of their words of thanks:

"I was caught unaware when my son got sick, and I didn’t even have a change of clothes with me, much less Christmas money. And I know this was for the kids but you should’ve seen my face light up when they gave me this opportunity. Thank you." 

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I didn’t think my daughter would have a Christmas this year, but thanks to all of you, she did. Everyone has been so kind to us and that makes this situation so much easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all."

"Thank you for being able to donate toys and cups and coloring books, and all these neat things to the babies in the hospital. It’s a true blessing that there are real nice people like you all to donate all these nice things. I appreciate it because my children loved these toys you have provided for them. Thank you again. You are much appreciated."

"Words can not express our gratitude. We would much rather not be here. However, we know that our son is getting the finest care available and is making a speedy recovery. Being so close to Christmas it was stressful to make sure “Christmas” happens. This was a huge relief. Thank you all for your kind words and work. God Bless!!"

"Thank you so much for making my stepdaughter’s Christmas brighter. And for all the children staying here. It’s a wonderful thing you did and it gives me hope that there is still good in the world and people who love children."

"It’s just amazing having people care so much about my daughter when they don’t even know her. I really appreciate this."

"Thank you for thinking of the children and their families at this time of year. It is very stressful to have your child in the hospital but more so at this time of year. Thanks again for thinking of others and making their stay in ACH a little brighter." -A grateful Grandma

"Just want to say a special Thank You. This was the first time I was in any way in the spirit of Christmas. Being able to come get my son gifts was such a blessing. Bless you for your kindness this holiday."

One father’s message summed it up best, “Keep being awesome!”  To see our current wishlist for donated items, visit this page. Until no child needs Arkansas Children's Hospital, we need you. 

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