Splish, splash: Pool time with a purpose

Patient in therapy pool at Arkansas Childrens Hospital
You can help bring a smile to a patient's face by making a donation to the aquatic therapy program.

Most people don’t expect to hear squeals of joy and splashing water in a hospital. 

But tucked back in a corner of the physical therapy department at ACH is a unique piece of therapy equipment – a special type of pool.

This pool helps children cope with or recover from an illness or accident. 

To most people, the children look like they’re playing while they’re in the pool.

Thanks to your support, they’re really benefiting from aquatic therapy. 

One important part of aquatic therapy is the water temperature. The pool is kept at 93 F, which helps relax muscles and makes movement easier. Being in water helps reduce stress on the patients’ joints. 

”The combination of the warmer water and its natural buoyancy give children a freedom of movement they don’t normally have on land,” says Marilyn Randle, director of the physical therapy program. “Being in the water takes their mind off the work. They’re having so much fun that it looks more like play than therapy.”  

One of the great features of the pool is the hydraulic floor. The hydraulic floor allows the pool bottom to be adjusted to any depth from zero to five feet. 

The zero depth setting allows patients with wheelchairs or other assistive devices to sit on the pool floor and then be lowered to the right water depth. 

The pool and pool maintenance is made possible by donors like you. One of the donors, the late Gerald (Jerry) Hamra and his wife Carolyn, even established a permanent endowment to support the pool. 

You can help support the aquatic therapy program for children at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Simply make a donation today and enter “pool time with a purpose” in the comment box

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