Thanks to you, toddler Izzabella breathes easier 

Izzabella and Mom at Arkansas Childrens Hospital
Because of you, Izzabella is able to see a pediatric neurologist closer to home at the Centers for Children in Jonesboro.

When you’re a parent in a small rural town like Cash, Arkansas, it can be difficult to find a local pediatrician, much less pediatric specialists. 

Ginny Graham knows firsthand how scary that can be.

Her daughter Izzabella, now two years old, was born with a genetic disorder that has caused multiple health issues, including a serious heart defect, feeding difficulties and a weak immune system. 

Recently, Izzabella began having seizures. With a look of terror, Ginny remembers the first time it happened.

"It was six a.m. and she was lying in her crib. She had just woken up," she says. "All of a sudden, her arm began to twitch and her body began to shake violently. I scooped her up and yelled for my sister to call 911."

Izzabella was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital, where doctors confirmed the seizures but stated there was very little they could do. 

Scared for her baby girl, Ginny made an appointment with Izzabella's pediatrician, who referred her to the Centers for Children in Jonesboro. The Centers for Children is a collaborative of ACH and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Department of Pediatrics. 

Dr. Stephen Bates, medical director at Centers for Children and a pediatric neurologist, ordered several tests, which revealed the abnormal brain activity that caused Izzabella’s seizures.

Dr. Bates prescribed daily medication and now sees Izzabella every few months to monitor her progress.

For Ginny, having a trained pediatric specialist so close to home was remarkable. “Up here in northeast Arkansas, we felt like no one was able to diagnose or treat Izzabella’s seizures until we visited Centers for Children,” she says. “It’s nice to have Arkansas Children’s Hospital-caliber care here in our own backyard.”

Through Centers for Children, patients like Izzabella will continue receiving the care they need, right in their own community. In fact, the Judd Hill Foundation recently made a $1 million gift to support the Centers for Children in Jonesboro. 

“As more and more clinics are added to Centers, we will have to make fewer and fewer trips to Little Rock,” says Ginny. “We are very excited to see the growth of Centers, which will make a very positive impact for not only our family, but other families in this community.”

Thanks to you, Centers for Children is reaching children across the state. Your donations help children like Izzabella receive the specialty care they need – much closer to home. 

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